Episode 37 - CigarChat LIVE with AKA Cigars

July 30, 2013

We chat with Jay and Tom from AKA Cigars. Like usual it is laugh riot.

Episode 36 - CigarChat LIVE with Stinky Cigars

July 25, 2013

Rob and Logan chat with Stinky, owner of Stinky Cigars. Stinky produces a ton of really good ashtrays that most smokers swear by. Great episode and Stinky drops some news about the 10th anniversary ashtray he is planning to produce.

Episode 35 - CigarChat LIVE with Ezra Zion

July 2, 2013

Great episode. Logan goes crazy on sound effects and basically goes on a rant about Rob. Logan may or may not have called Rob "weak sauce" this this episode.

This is the last episode before IPCPR 2013 kicked off.

Episode 34 - CigarChat LIVE with Miami Cigar Company

July 2, 2013

Barry joins us again to talk about all the new cigars MCC will be releasing at IPCPR 2013.