CigarChat Episode 47 - Stogie Geeks

October 29, 2013

We chat with Paul and Coop of Stogie Geeks. Stogie Geeks is another cigar podcast which is top notch. Stogie Geeks is a little different and focus on industry news and reviews. This episode was right before Halloween so the guys were all dressed up.

Logan was dressed up as Meatwad :)

CigarChat Episode 46 - Roma Craft Tobac

October 24, 2013

We chat with owners Skip and Mike of Roma Craft and talk about the insane success they have had over the last 18 months. Skip is a chatter box, and Mike drinks too much. All in all, a great episode. Not to mention that Skip drops some breaking news about Roma Craft's newest project, the Neanderthal.

RobbyRas RoundTable Episode 5 - Liga Privada No.9, Cabal, and La Aurora 107 Maduro

October 21, 2013

Rob, Logan, and Catfish sit down and review the Liga Privada No.9, Cabal, and La Aurora 107 Maduro. All three disagree on their opinions of the cigars.

CigarChat Episode 45 - Crossfire Cigars

October 17, 2013

Crossfire Cigars joins Logan and Rob for another episode of CigarChat. Crossfire is a newer company on the market which has a great mission. You need to hear their story and check out this episode.

Episode 44 - CigarChat LIVE with Hermosa Cigars

October 10, 2013

We chat with Scott of Hermosa Cigars about his newly formed company. Logan blames everything on Obamacare. It is a great episode.

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Episode 43 - CigarChat LIVE with Cigar Dojo

October 4, 2013

Logan and Rob mix it up a little bit during this episode. Typically, CigarChat just has guest who are cigar manufacturers but this week they had Eric from Cigar Dojo on CigarChat.

Cigar Dojo is a great social media community for cigar lovers. Also, if you are into apps, which we learn Logan isn't because he has a Blackberry still, Cigar Dojo has a great social mobile app for cigars.

Eric, Logan, and Rob talk about some of of the good and bad cigars they have had lately, and Logan goes on a rant about cigar contents.