CigarChat Episode 51 - Cabal Cigars

November 26, 2013

Great episode. Logan goes on a rant about incorrectly sized cigar t-shirts and Rob really gets into the weeds on tobacco growing process with Chris from Cabal Cigars.


CigarChat Episode 51 Announcement - Cabal Cigars

November 22, 2013

We have Chris, owner of Cabal Cigars, with us this coming Tuesday 11/26. We will be doing five pack and shirt giveaways. Make sure to check us our for your chance to win!


CigarChat Episode 50 - La Gloria Cubana

November 19, 2013

Michael from La Gloria joins Rob and Logan for the first time. Michael goes into depth about making two cigars one for online and one for traditional retailers. Hell, Michael even compares making cigars to eating potato chips.


CigarChat Episode 50 Annoucement - La Gloria Cubana

November 16, 2013

First time we will have LGC on CigarChat and we have a sick giveaway during the show.


CigarChat Episode 49 - Padilla Cigars

November 14, 2013

Ernesto, owner of Padilla Cigars, was on a roll. If you want to learn a lot and laugh while you do it, then this is the episode you want to listen to. 


CigarChat Episode 48 - Commonwealth Cedar Spills

November 7, 2013

We discuss with Tom, owner of Commonwealth Cedar Spills, about is product and what makes it unique. We get the complete download on how to light a cigar with spills and the history behind it.