What Embargo Episode Nueve - Punch Punch & Regional Editions

May 31, 2014

Catfish and Big Tuna get into the weeds on the Punch Punch. The corona gorda so nice they named it twice. Also, the crew talks about upcoming Regional Editions and their thoughts on the smokes. 

CigarChat Episode 81 - Lou Rodriguez Cigars

May 29, 2014

Another great show. We talk to Justin Andrew, VP of LER Cigars, about their history and their entire product line. We also discuss their upcoming release, the Lou Rod Jawbreaker.

CigarChat Episode 80 - Las Cumbres Tabaco

May 22, 2014

Jose is now out on his own and has started his own company, Las Cumbres Tobaco. We talk about his newly formed company and his first release, Senorial.

What Embargo Episode Ocho - RyJ and Large Ring Gauge Cubans

May 17, 2014
Catfish and Big Tuna discuss the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill and get into the weeds on the RyJ brand overall.

While talking about the Wide Churchill, Catfish and Big Tuna discuss large ring gauge trend, where Habanos stands with it, what we can expect in the future, and how it all started.

CigarChat Episode 79 - Cigar Oasis

May 15, 2014

One of the most informative episodes we have had. If you have questions about how to properly store and humidify your cigars, then this episode is a must listen.

CigarChat Episode 78 - Sotolongo Cigars

May 8, 2014

This is the first time we have Grace, founder of Sotolongo Cigars, on the show. We talk about her first blend, the Hechicera.

CigarChat Episode 77 - Cigar Rights of America

May 1, 2014

We talk to Glynn Loope, director of Cigar Rights of American, to talk about the FDA Deeming Document. Watch this episode if you want to know how to protect your right to smoke premium cigars.