Sharing Our Pairings Episode 10 - High Falutin

September 24, 2014

Andrew Ferguson from Kensington Wine Market joins Surgeon to do some High Falutin' pairings. Surgeon breaks out a Montecristo A, along with 7 whiskies ranging from 21 years up to 30. Andrew shows off some very limited bottlings as well as his private mini-cask where he's aging his own whisky.

CigarChat Episode 97 - Cordoba and Morales

September 23, 2014

We talk to Cordoba & Morales for the first time. We discuss their blends and their expansion plans.

CigarChat Episode 96 - Havana Controls

September 18, 2014

One of the most educational shows we have ever done. Thing you know how to store your cigars? I promise you will learn something new after listening to this episode.

Sharing Our Pairings Episode Nine - Cheese and Wine

September 17, 2014

Surgeon and Rob sit down to pair an El Cedro cigar with various cheeses and chocolates. Rob questions Surgeon's sanity in pairing cigars with cheese. Discussion about food pairings versus beverage pairings.

What Embargo Episode Quince - Limited Editions

September 13, 2014

Catfish and Big Tuna talk about Edicion Limitadas. They discuss their favorite releases over the years, how they have aged and focus on the Montecristo Grand Edmundo and Sublimes as well. Along with that, they analyze the program with regular production releases and see how they are similar, different  and make a pros and cons list with that. 

CigarChat Episode 95 - Warped Cigars

September 8, 2014

We chat with Warped Cigars for the first time. We dig into the their blends and their big push to big stage during IPCPR 2014.

CigarChat Episode 94 - Viaje

September 4, 2014

Logan and Rob chat with Andre, founder of Viaje, for the first time. We talk about Viaje and discuss some new upcoming projects.

Sharing Our Pairings Episode Eight - Sodee Pop

September 3, 2014

John and Rob will pair a La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black with various sodas, or pop depending on where you hail from.