CigarChat Episode 117 - Caldwell Cigar Company

February 26, 2015

Logan and guest co-host Cigar Surgeon sit down with Robert Caldwell of Calldwell Cigar Company. These guys are kind of a big deal, getting awarded best new cigar company in 2014. Their cigars consistently placed in the top rated cigars for last year. We ask a ton of questions and Robert is happy to answer all of them.

Pipe Dummies Episode 4 - English Blends

February 25, 2015

Pipe Dummies Episode 4. Logan and Rob again flaunt our ignorance in grand fashion!  This time they get into some English blends. The show goes off the rails at about the 10 minute mark talking about The Wire and other popular shows. Some exciting news dropped near the end of the podcast.

What Embargo Episode Veintitres - Cohiba Robustos Supremos & 2015 Habanos Festival

February 24, 2015

What Embargo 23. Catfish and Big Tuna as they talk about the 2014 Limitada, Cohiba Robustos Supremos, large ring gauges in general, the 17th Habanos Festival, and more. Special news at the end of the podcast.

CigarChat Episode 116 - Fear The Beard Cigar Brokerage

February 19, 2015

Brandon, Anthony and Mel from Fear the Beard Brokerage sit down with Logan and Rob. Logan dials in from India and talks about his Delhi-belly then asks some hard hitting questions.

Sharing Our Pairings Episode 22 - Smoking Monk American IPA

February 18, 2015
Rob and Surgeon sit down in the second part of a 5 part series focused on the Drew Estate Smoking Monk cigars sponsored by

This episode they focus on the Smoking Monk IPA cigar and pair with 3 IPAs each.

Surgeon pairs:
    The Immortal IPA by Elysian Brewing Company
    Dead Reckoning Royal IPA by Big Rock Brewery
    Go To IPA by Stone Brewing Company

Rob pairs:

    Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (Recommended Pairing)
    Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
    Russian River Pliny the Elder

CigarChat Episode 115 - Jordan Alexander III Cigars

February 12, 2015
Logan and Rob sit down with Bob, Alex and Collin from Jordan Alexander III Cigars. Logan is on assignment in India and does his best impression of Darth Vader Face. Lots of audience questions in this one but everyone forgets to talk about the cigar until the end.

Sharing Our Pairings Episode 21 - Smoking Monk Porter

February 11, 2015
Surgeon and Rob sit down with the Drew Estate Smoking Monk Porter cigar exclusive to The first in a series of 5 podcasts for the Smoking Monk series.

Surgeon pairs Maine Beer Company King Titus Porter, Stone Brewing Smoked Porter, Central City Imperial Porter.

Rob pairs Fuller's London Porter - Griffin Brewery - England, Black Butte Porter - Deschutes Brewery - Bend, Oregon, Shallow Grave Porter - Heretic Brewing Co. - Fairfield, California

Sponsored by

CigarChat Episode 114 - Quesada Cigars

February 5, 2015

Logan and Rob have Terrance from Quesada on the show for the first time. The audience asks a ton of questions, Logan talks about his upcoming trip to India, and Rob man crushes on Terrance; hard.

Pipe Dummies Episode Three - Same but Different

February 4, 2015

Logan and Rob have Catfish on the show to talk about the differences/similarities between cigars and pipe tobacco. Catfish drops some good knowledge on how to stop the gurgle and how to avoid tongue bite.