Virtual Herf Episode One - Cigar Coop

May 28, 2015

After a few setbacks, the Virtual Herf Event is on! I will be talking with the one and only Cigar Coop - Will Cooper. We are going to talk about exclusives and limited editions, while we smoke our favorite exclusives. Join us with your favorite exclusive and come talk cigars. We will also talk about future Virtual Event Herfs and future guests.

Sharing Our Pairings Episode 30 - Sodee Pop 2.0

May 27, 2015

Surgeon and Rob sit down to pair some sodee pop for the second time. Last time there were some clear winners and losers, this time with more experience the sodee pop choices should be much better!

CigarChat Episode 124 - LIVE with Lost & Found Cigars

May 26, 2015

 We have Tony Bellatto of Lost & Found cigars joining us.  L&F is fresh off the release of the CigarFederation Exclusive Racks on Racks and the announcement of Siempre Tamboril and Fresh Roasted.  We'll have plenty to talk about. 

Pipe Dummies Episode Eight - Batson Pipes

May 20, 2015

Logan and Surgeon, sitting in for Rob, will have their second guest on, Grant Batson from Batson Pipes. We will be talking all about pipes; how to make them, how to care for them, which ones are the best, etc. Grant takes everyone around a tour of his workshop.

CigarChat Episode 123 - LIVE from Esteli

May 14, 2015

Logan, Rob, Jerad and a crew from Cigar Federation are down in Esteli, Nicaragua, for the inaugural Drew Estate Cigar Safari. This Cigar Safari is exclusive to the mods and the members of Cigar Federation. This Cigar Chat is LIVE from the Drew Estate facility in Esteli.

Sharing Our Pairings Episode 29 - DRAM Cask No 3 Whisky Pairing

May 11, 2015

Surgeon and Rob sit down with Joe Chiusano of DRAM Cigars and pair some spicy whiskies with a DRAM Cask No. 3 cigar. Joe talks about the history behind the blends, and hints at some of the things coming in the future. Rob pairs with an Aberlour A'Bunadh cask 37, an Amrut Intermediate Sherry. Surgeon pairs with a Macallan 12 Sherry Oak, and a Knob Creek 9 year small batch bourbon.