CigarChat Episode 128 - Debonaire Cigars

June 22, 2015
Phil Zanghi of Debonaire Cigars will join us live from the DR!  John will sit in for Logan, so I may play the role of The Grumpis... you never know! We've got some exclusive cigar giveaways for our podcast listeners, so make sure to listen for the phrase that pays!

Virtual Herf Episode Two - Skip Martin of RoMa Craft

June 20, 2015

Dave sits down with Skip Martin and the community for a Virtual Herf. A bunch of Fed Heads join in and questions get asked!

CigarChat Episode 127 - MoyaRuiz Cigars

June 18, 2015

Danny and Nelson are two of my favorite guys to have on the show.  They have some great smokes and there are some new releases to talk about, but the best part is they pick on Logan!  It makes my life easier for one episode at least...  Anyway, its gonna be a great show and we have a ton of giveaways... we may even have some of The Rake up for grabs before they hit the stores... now do we hook you up or do we hook you up?

CigarChat Episode 126 - LIVE with DRAM Cigars

June 11, 2015

Rob and Surgeon, sitting in for Logan, sit down with Joe Chiusano to talk about his DRAM Cigars line. There will be some DRAM cigar prizes being given away, some of which are exclusive to our podcast listeners! 

Sharing Our Pairings Episode 31 - Cameroon Time

June 10, 2015

Surgeon and Rob are going to pair some Cameroon wrapper  #ArturoFuente  cigars with a variety of different beverages like coffee, rum, bourbon, root beer, and hard apple cider.

CigarChat Episode 125 - LIVE with Viaje & Cigar Dojo

June 4, 2015

We will have a very special episode with Viaje and Cigar Dojo. We will be talking about something really cool we have coming up for Cigar Federation and Cigar Dojo members.

Pipe Dummies Episode Nine - Special Guest SoyMilkIsGood

June 3, 2015

Logan and Surgeon, who is sitting in for Rob, will have on their second guest, Josh aka /u/soymilkisgood. Josh is a mod and pipe tobacco expert from r/pipetobacco. Josh will be dropping some knowledge..