Cigar Chat LIVE IPCPR Recap with Cigar Coop and Blind Mans Puff

August 10, 2015

We've got Cigar-Coop and the fellas from Blind Man's Puff joining us to talk about everything they saw at IPCPR 2015 in NOLA!  We're cover the good, the bad and the ugly.

Virtual Herf Episode One - Cigar Coop

May 28, 2015

After a few setbacks, the Virtual Herf Event is on! I will be talking with the one and only Cigar Coop - Will Cooper. We are going to talk about exclusives and limited editions, while we smoke our favorite exclusives. Join us with your favorite exclusive and come talk cigars. We will also talk about future Virtual Event Herfs and future guests.

CigarChat Episode 90 - Cigar Coop

August 12, 2014

We had the only and only, Cigar Coop from Stogie Geeks and Cigar Coop, come on and talk to us about IPCPR, new cigar releases, and the overall cigar industry as a whole.