CigarChat Episode 223 - Ezra Zion Cigars

August 19, 2016

Logan sits down with Chris and Kyle from Ezra Zion to talk about all things EZ! Download the Ezra Zion app!

IPCPR 2016 Ezra Zion Cigars

July 26, 2016

Rob talks with Chris and Kyle of Ezra Zion Cigars about there cigar  lines and beard products

CigarChat Episode 135 - Chris Kelly and Kyle hoover of Ezra Zion Cigar Company

September 11, 2015

Logan and Surgeon, who is sitting in for Rob while he does his civic duty, sit down with Chris & Kyle of Ezra Zion Cigars. They'll be talking about the new All my EX's cigar and what else is going on.

Cigar Federation IPCPR 2015 Ezra Zion

July 22, 2015

Logan sits down with Kyle and Kyle's Beard from Ezra Zion Cigars.

CigarChat Episode 87 - Ezra Zion Cigar Company

July 8, 2014

We have the guys from Ezra Zion to talk about the recent sale of Cigar Federation and their newest release, the Tantrum Passive Aggressive.

Episode 35 - CigarChat LIVE with Ezra Zion

July 2, 2013

Great episode. Logan goes crazy on sound effects and basically goes on a rant about Rob. Logan may or may not have called Rob "weak sauce" this this episode.

This is the last episode before IPCPR 2013 kicked off.

Episode 22 - CigarChat LIVE with Ezra Zion Cigar Company

January 20, 2013

We talk about the newest blend for Ezra Zion, the Reagan. Also, the EZ guys drop some breaking news about their upcoming blend in the Honor Series.