IPCPR 2016 Twin Engine Coffee

July 28, 2016

Rob speaks with Colin Ganley from Twin Engine Coffee; they discuss the old standby's and what's new this year

Sharing Our Pairings Episode 35 - Twin Engine Coffee

August 5, 2015

Surgeon and Rob sit down with special guest Colin Ganley from Twin Engine Coffee to do some coffee pairings. They pair a medium and dark roast of the Nicaraguan Cigar Blend #1 with various cigars and Colin talks about Twin Engine Coffee offerings!

Cigar Federation IPCPR 2015 Twin Engine Coffee

August 1, 2015

Surgeon interviews Colin of Twin Engine Coffee to talk about their booth, winning an IPCPR award and all their coffee offerings. Look for Colin on a future episode of Sharing Our Pairings!

What Embargo Episode Veintiseis - Colin Ganley of Cigar Tourism Talks Cuba

April 28, 2015

Colin Ganley of Cigar Tourism, Cigar Journal and Twin Engine Coffee joins Catish and Big Tuna and talks Cuba and Habanos.