Episode 12 - CigarChat LIVE with Espinosa Cigars

October 30, 2012
Rob and Logan sit down with Erik Espinosa, owner of Espinosa Cigars. Erik has been in the industry forever and was previous the co-owner of EO Brands. When Erik broke off from EO Brands he started his own factory, called La Zona, and created the La Zona and Espinosa cigar lines.

Episode 11 - CigarChat LIVE with Ortega Cigars

October 23, 2012

Rob and Logan sit down with Eddie Ortega owner of Ortega Cigars. Eddie has been in the industry forever and was previous the co-owner of EO Brands. Eddie's first cigar under his new company is the Serie D which comes in either a San Andreas and Habano Rosado wrapper.

Eddie gives Logan a ton of crap during the episode. Eddie might have called Logan "cracker" during the show, but you will need to listen to hear it for yourself.

Episode 2 - RobbyRas RoundTable featuring Illusione Cruzado Dantes & RoMa Craft Intemperance EC XII Industry

October 18, 2012
This week's show was sponsored by PodmanCigars.com. Tim selected and provided the sticks for the show. In fact, he decided what we would be smoking. This week we discuss the Illusione Cruzado Dantes and the RoMa Craft Intemperance EC XII Industry.

The panel for this show consisted of Dustin Meridith (catfishbluezz on cigar forums), Jonathan Lonsinger (@Jonny_Lon) and Randy Ewing (rain on cigar forums).

Episode 10 - CigarChat LIVE with Miami Cigar Company

October 16, 2012
Logan and Rob sit down with Brarry Stein from Miami Cigar to chat about the newest releases from Miami Cigar. Barry recently was hired by Miami Cigar and was previously the owner of the cigar blog, A Cigar Smoker.

Barry is great guy and always a lot of fun when we have him on. Make sure to check this episode out.

Episode 9 - CigarChat LIVE with Monte Pascoal Cigars

October 9, 2012

Logan and Rob sit down with Wes Gensel co-owner of Monte Pascoal Cigars to talk about what makes them unique. Monte Pascoal is a new cigar company which makes their freshman release cigar only out of Brazilian tobacco, specifically Mata Fina.


Episode 8 - CigarChat LIVE with Joya de Nicaragua

October 4, 2012
Everyone should know who Jose Blanco is. If you don't then just Google his name. Jose has been in the industry for almost 40 years and has had an amazing career, which isn't slowing down any time soon.

This episode has Jose schooling Rob and Logan on tobacco knowledge. Honestly, Jose has forgotten more about tobacco than Rob or Logan could ever hope to learn.